April Meeting: April 19, 2022

Mike Bosshardt, Randy Breece, Dean Wells, Betty Clifford, Desi Emillo-Duverage, Dickie Dalley, Linda Dalley(Aux) Jeff, Katie

 Call to order: 6:09PM

Opening Prayer: Betty 

Pledge of Allegiance



Old Business: 

Setting of Flags at cemetery May 26, 2022 Time to be determined 

Flag Burning/ Recycling 

ADH: 12 Yards of Trashed Removed from Highway: Hwy 13 MM 3-4 Next pick up sometime in the fall possible in Oct.


New Business

District 13 Meeting: April 30 @ 9:00 AM in Palisade ( 120 W 8th Street, Palisade, Colorado)

State Meeting: June 30-July3 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel (15500 East 40th, Denver, Colorado)

Gun Safe has been opened 

Dry Erase Board donated to post from Garfield County Sheriff’s Office

Election of officers 2022-2023 Year


Commander: Mike Bosshardt

Post Adj/ Finance: Randy Breece

Senior Vice: Dean Wells

Jr Vice: Desiree Emillo-Duverage

Chaplain: Betty Clifford

Historian: Betty Clifford

Sgt At Arms: Dicky Dalley

Service Officer: Pending


Adjourned:7:20 PM


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