Meeting held at Rifle Airport 

Meeting Called to Order 1740

Post the Colors

Opening Prayer- Betty Clifford (Chaplin)

POW/ MIA Empty Chair – Dean Wells (Sgt at Arms)

Pledge of Allegiance


Exc Meeting: Discussion of the meaning of the preamble

 Finance Report 

Members: Mike Bosshardt, Randy Breece, Dean Wells, Richie Dalley, Jan Detwiler, Betty Clifford, New Castle Post 164 Members, Richard Median, Eric Williams, Tom Valdez 

Discussion on how to get new members, Flyer

Update of the Memorial, Plans are now at the City Engineer’s office for prices

Memorial for New Castle is at Highline Cemetery

Randy to Build and Maintain Volunteer Hours Spreadsheet

ADA trash pick up on June 4

If there fair is going to take place, should try and hand out flyers

Recognition of new members

Motion on New Members Bling Pack Motion Carries (5-0)

      New Packs to include Preamble Card

      American Legion Pin

      Lapel Pin

      Ball Cap

      Vehicle Sticker

Recognition of Law Enforcement and Fire Members

Meeting Adjourned 19:05

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