Meeting Called to Order 1705

Post the Colors

Opening Prayer- Betty Clifford (Chaplin)

POW/ MIA Empty Chair – Randy B. 

Pledge of Allegiance


Order of Business

Roll Call of officers, Mike B, Randy B, Betty C.

Reading of previous meeting minutes- Randy B.

Reading of minutes from District 13 Meeting, Main topic is Sucide Awareness

Committee Reports: Finance and Americanism

Unfinished Business:

1 Memorial Completion (No Updates from the City)

2 Event Planning and Volunteers ( Car Show next summer, Spaghetti Dinners, Festivals, Parades

3 Caps for new members

4 Website update:

New Business

1 Elks Lodge Still need to make contact

2 Honor Guard in GJ looking for volunteers to join

3 Assisting members with VA benefits from our post

4 Honoring the 13 Marines killed in Afghanistan Mom is Montrose for 1 of them

5.Paying of Members Dues

6 Volunteer Hours

7 Veterans Day Planning, 

8 Tent/Set up for Halloween hand out candy and flyers

Training and Learning


         Temporary Financial Assistance Application “Veteran Children Assistant

         The American Legion Department of Colorado Request from Veterans Assistance Fund

Meeting Adjourned 1910

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